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America’s Dream HomeWorks offers a large selection of different siding designs, colors and styles that will match your personality and look great on your home. To increase your home’s curb appeal, let us show you how our siding can dress up the exterior of your home in no time.

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America's Dream HomeWorks

Fiber Cement Siding is both durable and beautiful and will last for a lifetime. You will never have to maintain fiber cement siding once you choose us to install it on the exterior of your home!

Are you tired of maintaining your old wood exterior siding? Then you need choose us to install new vinyl siding on your home so you'll never have to sand, stain, or paint your home's exterior again.

When it comes to sheer beauty and versatility, there's a reason why so many different types of siding materials try their best to mimic wood – it just looks great!

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Siding Products

Siding Products

It does matter what your criteria are for choosing siding for your home, and we're here to help you go through ALL the options to chose the BEST siding. America's Dream HomeWorks has several siding manufacturers, but the ones on our website are the ones we particularly recommend.

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Need Siding for Your Sacramento Home? Our Fiber Cement, Vinyl and Wood Siding Experts at America's Dream HomeWorks Can Help!

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds – Durability and Beauty with New Siding for Your Home!

Whether you're building a new home, workshop, addition or garage, you don't want to sacrifice style for durability and easy maintenance. Fortunately, the home experts at America's Dream HomeWorks can help you choose the perfect siding for any job – large or small. Here are three of the most popular versions we carry – and why Sacramento homeowners trust us to make their home look beautiful in any season!

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is made from sand, cement and wood fiber (typically recycled, so it's eco friendly!) This combination makes it naturally durable and resistant to many of the elements and complaints that plague inferior types of siding and coverings – namely fire, rain, wind and bugs. Despite the fact that it's made from wood fiber, it's also termite resistant (owing to the sand and cement content – termites won't touch the stuff!) It won't rot either, making it great for even the wettest of Sacramento summers.

Fiber cement siding is also extremely versatile. It can be painted and stained to match any color décor, and comes in a variety of widths, so you can tailor it to match your existing home (particularly if you're having an addition or a garage area built and want the buildings to look as uniform as possible). Fiber cement siding lasts for decades without needing to be repainted, and can even be designed to look like other types of material like cedar shingles, stucco and wood clapboards.

This kind of longevity and versatility make buying fiber cement siding an ideal choice for new home construction, renovation and additions. To make sure your new fiber cement siding looks great and lasts long, trust the home siding Sacramento experts at America's Dream HomeWorks to help you choose and install your new siding – the quick and easy way!

Vinyl Siding

One of the biggest reasons why vinyl siding has been so popular since its original introduction in the 1950s was this simple selling premise: it never needs to be painted! Vinyl siding's durability and longevity have grown by leaps and bounds since its early introduction decades ago, and its popularity is showing no signs of fading.

In addition to its lack of constant maintenance, vinyl is also hugely popular because of the sheer amount of variety in colors and styles. The Vinyl Siding Institute (yes, there is such a thing!) has certified more than 350 colors of vinyl siding – noted for their lasting color retention in spite of the sun and other elements that can cause other types of siding to fade over time.

Siding Installation

Siding in Sacramento, CAConcerned about installation? Vinyl is easy and quick to install. Because it's not susceptible to cracking, peeling or insect damage, vinyl has been known to last for decades while still looking like new. Beyond the wide range of color options, you can now buy vinyl siding that mimics the look of natural wood, stone and slate. With so many reasons to consider this highly adaptable, beautiful and long lasting siding Sacramento, there's a reason residents in and around the Sacramento area love it! Vinyl siding is a great choice to retrofit an older home too, so call us today for a free estimate on your new siding Sacramento project and see how you can maintain the curb appeal of your home with new siding!

Wood Siding

When it comes to sheer beauty and versatility, there's a reason why so many different types of siding materials try their best to mimic wood – it just looks great! Classical. Refined. Natural – these are just a few of the reasons you'll fall in love with wood siding. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from, including:

  • Clapboard – The most popular types are cedar and redwood as they are resistant to decay. These long boards overlap horizontally. Boards installed vertically for a smoother look are known as rectangular planking.
  • Plywood – Plywood siding can be applied either vertically or horizontally and is generally made from yellow pine, red cedar or Douglas fir.
  • Shingles – Uniform sized pieces of wood made from cypress, redwood and cedar. These are installed from the bottom up to make each layer overlap the other. One variation of shingles are hand-cut versions which vary in size, known as shakes.
  • Solid wood – A natural choice – applied horizontally, vertically or even diagonally for a unique look.

Wood siding does need to be maintained in order to keep its natural luster and beauty, but it's hard to beat real wood for its eco-friendly properties and natural insulation. Everyone loves lower utility bills, and wood can offer this as well as long-term beauty and resale value.

Concerned about pests making a snack out of wood siding? Don't be. The wood siding Sacramento experts at America's Dream HomeWorks can advise you on the right type of wood for your home that's naturally more insect resistant. In addition, wood can be treated to help keep termites and other pests at bay, so that you can keep all that natural beauty to yourself.

Choosing the Right Siding for Your Needs

These days, you have more improved choices than ever for siding Sacramento. Keeping the elements out while making your home look its best is what we do for Sacramento residents every day! Not sure if you want natural and eco-friendly or colorful and easy maintenance? No problem! Our siding Sacramento experts will give you a free estimate on all your needs and help you decide on the type of siding that's perfect for you. Now you don't have to decide between affordable and gorgeous, colorful or traditional. Call us today to schedule your free siding Sacramento quote and relax as we handle all the setup, installation and cleanup for you. Find out why thousands of residents in and around the Sacramento area have trusted the America's Dream HomeWorks team for all things siding!


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