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Picture Windows

A picture window is a large window that can’t be opened, allows large amounts of light into a room, and provides expansive views to the outdoors. Picture windows are available in rectangular, arched, and square styles.


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Benefits of a Picture Window

Picture windows provide this list of benefits:

Improved Views of the Outdoors. Since a picture window is one large pane of glass, it provides an improved view of your back, front or side yards.

Affordability. Since picture windows don't come with moving parts, they cost less than a similar-sized, operable window.

Maximized Light. The size of a picture window transmits a lot of outside light to the inside of your home.

Added Architectural Interest and Curb Appeal. Picture windows are available in a variety of shapes including rectangular, square, and arched, and can modernize and enhance your home's exterior and curb appeal.

Heat Gain During Winter Months. Picture windows play an important part in passive solar design, since they let in large amounts of natural light to naturally warm your home throughout the winter months.

Fixed Picture Window Product Features

Picture windows come with the following features:

  • Vinyl sashes and frames that won't peel, crack or chip.
  • Fusion-welded main structures and frames that add rigidity and strength.
  • Includes a warm edge spacer system and insulated glass.
  • Multi-chamber mainframes and sash to improve energy efficiency.
  • Triple weather-stripping to prevent water and air from entering the interior of your home.
  • Large selection of sizes to choose from.

Where You Can Use a Picture Window

You can choose us at America's Dream HomeWorks to install your new picture window in your living room, great room, kitchen or family room.

Picture Window Design Options

Reduce energy costs and add style to your home with the following picture window design options:

Decorative Window Grilles and Grids. Grids are placed on the inside of the insulated glass to make cleaning windows easier for you. Grid options include Prairie, Double Prairie, Diamond, and Colonial.

Interior Wood Grain Veneer Finishes. We offer a wide variety of wood grain finishes that'll complement your home's design and style. Finishing options include light, medium, and dark oak, foxwood, and cherry.

Exterior Vinyl Frame Colors. You can choose from a variety of exterior vinyl frame colors to either match or contrast with your home's design. We offer a variety of trim options that'll enhance your home's curb appeal including green, tan, brick red, black, white, clay, brown, gray, and beige.

Upgrade Your Window Glass. Lower your home's heating and cooling costs when you upgrade your picture window to premium glass.

Self-Cleaning Glass. Self-cleaning glass prevents dirt and debris from clinging to the glass, while a light water spray or rain rinses it away.


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