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Bathtub and Shower Wall Surrounds

America's Dream HomeWorks installs shower and bath wall surrounds quickly and easily. The wall surrounds are leak resistant and affordable. We design and install your tile or acrylic wall surround.



Decorative shower wall panels with Sentrel system

Low Maintenance. Our faux stone and acrylic systems are nonporous and grout-free. You no longer need to scrub hard since they are mold and mildew resistant.

Installs Quickly. If you decide you want acrylic panels, we can install them over your existing walls, which greatly reduces the installation time.

Large Selection of Textures, Colors and Patterns.  Choose from a lovely selection of colors, patterns and designs.

Environmentally Responsible Decision-making. By allowing us to install acrylic walls over your existing walls cuts down the amount of waste that goes to the landfill.

Premium Quality Bathroom Solution. Acrylic doesn't crack, stain, peel, chip or craze.

A Reputable Company. We are members of a variety of national home builder associations as well as the Better Business Bureau.

acrylic window trim kit eliminates deteriorated wood window sills
stone pattern choices in a shower wall system

Product Lines & Designs

Sentrel Stone, Marble, Granite Tub & Shower Wall Line

Here is a sample of some of the colors available in our Sentrel line.

Botticini Cream
Blue Sodalite
Breccia Paradiso
Calcutta Gold
Creme Travertine
Golden Beaches
Mocha Travertine
Sea Foam
Vanilla Travertine

Our Swanstone line comes in 38 colors.

swanstone bathtub wall surrounds
shower wall panels using swanstone material
wainscoting and a tub wall using swanstone solid surface walls

Design and Installation Tips for Acrylic and Tile Walls

Ask yourself what is behind your bathroom wall. Make sure your shower and tile walls last for a long time by using a waterproof wall backer board.

Wedi waterproof tile wall backer board system

Don't settle when searching for a contractor. Many contractors will try to push you into one type of system that they are selling. We at America's Dream HomeWorks provide you with a variety of choices so you can decide on the design you want your bathroom to have.

Find the right accessories and fixtures when you are installing a shower wall. Now is the time to change the height of your showerhead if it's too high or low or a shower valve that isn't functioning properly.

wolverine anti-scald shower valve
Anti-scald shower head valve is safer for kids
roll in shower with a hand held shower and recessed soap niche
Hand held shower can make showering easier.
18 x 18 x 20 corner bench seat for shaving Corner bench seats are nice for shaving & relaxing

Choose larger tile walls that are water resistant to cut down cleaning and installation time. Large, high density glazed tiles cuts down the installation time and reduces cleaning because there is less grout to clean.

Use neutral colors if you are reselling your home. Increase your home's resale value by choosing neutral colors.

white and sand colored swanstone walls
White wainscoting & neutral tub colors

FAQ for Tile and Acrylic Walls

acrylic walls over old tiles - cut out view

Can you remodel over my existing fiberglass, plastic or tile walls?
Yes and no. If you have a plastic or fiberglass unit, it has to be removed, but if you have tile walls, we can install the acrylic wall over it.

How can I make my bathroom space appear larger?
If you want to create the illusion that your bathroom is larger than what it really is, use neutral colors. If you want to wallpaper your bathroom, use vertical patterns.

water resistant cement board wall backer

How can I cut down the maintenance of a tile shower?

  • Use larger tiles.
  • Find water-resistant tiles.
  • Use urethane grout.
  • Use moisture resistant back boards.

How can I clean my bathroom's acrylic walls?
Since acrylic resists mold and mildew, cleaning is simple to do. Mix a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar or a 10/90 solution of bleach and water to spray on your walls. Don't use aerosol cleansers, ammonia, or abrasive products.

What is the main benefit of installing an acrylic system in my bathroom?
There is a recent study that shows 'ease of cleaning' as the number one concern for bath and shower projects. Acrylic is nonporous which makes it resistant to mildew, stains, and algae. Cleaning acrylic walls is easy to do, since all you need is a sponge or cloth to wipe the surface down.

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