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Zodiaq Countertops

Zodiaq combines DuPont science with the beauty and strength of natural quartz to create beautiful countertops to be installed in your home. Composed of 93% natural quartz and 7% epoxy resin and pigments, Zodiaq countertops are maintenance free and resist scratches and heat.


DuPont Zodiaq® is a new surfacing material with star quality that’s crystal clear.

Zodiaq Quartz Countertops
Zodiaq Countertops
Zodiaq Kitchen Countertop
  • Non-porous and carefree
  • No sealant, polish or reconditioning
  • Made with one of nature's strongest materials
  • 54 colors to choose from
  • Stain resistant
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 51 Certified
  • Unconventionally beautiful
  • Durable: Made from quartz crystal
  • Scratch resistant
  • Heat-resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • GREENGUARD Certified®
  • Colors contain 25% post-consumer recycled content

What is Zodiaq®?

Zodiaq countertops are 93% natural quartz. Zodiaq is resistant to scratches, heat, water, bacteria, moisture, and is twice as strong as granite. Granite is composed of 50% natural quartz which leaves the surface vulnerable to stains and scratches since it's both porous and soft. Zodiaq countertops are nonporous and don't require any waxes or sealants.

The Freedom of Nature

Zodiaq quartz countertops are scientifically engineered from quartz crystals, which will look elegant and beautiful in your home. In addition to maintaining their luster and beauty, Zodiaq countertops are also scratch and heat resistant.

Easy to Maintain

Zodiaq quartz countertops are nonporous which means they won't stain. Your countertops will shine for years to come without having the need to apply a sealant or wax.

Precision Fit

At America's Dream HomeWorks, we'll cut and fit your new quartz countertops to meet your exact specifications. This provides our clients with a variety of design options. Click here to view the Zodiaq Care and Maintenance guide.

Zodiaq CountertopsSuperior Materials

Zodiaq quartz countertops are mainly composed of quartz, which rates a 7 on the hardness scale (a diamond rates a 10).

Exceptional Warranty

When we install your countertops, you'll receive an exceptional 10 year limited warranty from DuPont. Click here to see the Zodiaq® limited warranty.

Zodiaq Colors

Please note that though these colors are close to what the actual material looks like, we highly recommend you visit our showroom to see these colors and designs in person.

All slabs are available in 2 cm and 3 cm thicknesses.

Speak to an America's Dream HomeWorks specialist to help you with the selection of Zodiaq countertop color and edge choices available to you.

Zodiaq Edge Profiles

Zodiaq Countertop Edge Profiles

*Any special edges available upon request. Fill out our online request form to speak to an America's Dream HomeWorks Zodiaq countertops specialist to assist you in searching through our selection of edge choices and colors you can choose from.

Benefits of Zodiaq

What makes Zodiaq quartz surfaces perfect for your home?

Zodiaq quartz surfaces are made with pure quartz crystals, which makes them stronger than many other natural stone surfaces. This quartz surface is also resistant to heat and scratches, making it incredibly durable. We custom fit your new countertops to your exact specifications.

  • Superior Materials.
    Zodiaq quartz surfaces are made from 93% quartz, which gives it a hardness of a 7 out of 10 (diamonds rate a 10).
  • Stain Resistant.
    Zodiaq is nonporous which makes it easy to clean up fruit juices, wine, food colors and even nail polish and paint.
  • Incredibly Durable.
    Zodiaq countertops are made from quartz crystals which are incredibly hard minerals that are resistant to scratches.
  • Standards Compliant.
    Most of the Zodiaq colors we offer are NSF/ANSI Standard 51 Certified so they are safe for all food types. Zodiaq quartz is also Class A (Class 1) fire rated.
  • Safe and Clean.
    When properly cleaned, Zodiaq countertops do not support mold, mildew or bacteria growth.
  • Outstanding Warranty.
    Zodiaq countertops come with a 10 year limited product warranty from DuPont. Click here to see the Zodiaq limited warranty.
  • Heat Resistant.
    Even though Zodiaq is heat resistant, we still recommend you using hot pads or trivets to hold hot pans and pots.
  • Carefree.
    Unlike other natural stone materials, you'll never have to wax, seal or polish your Zodiaq countertops to keep them looking beautiful. However, you can clean the surface using soap and water.
  • Contributor to Sustainable Design.
    The Zodiaq surfaces and sealants we use meet the emission guidelines for VOC, also known as volatile organic compounds. The products we use are nontoxic, non-allergenic, and emit low VOCs for humans. The surfaces and products are also GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified.
  • What Zodiaq quartz surfaces offer:

    • Carefree and nonporous: No need to wax, polish or recondition the surface.
    • Created from pure quartz crystals.
    • 54 stunning colors you can choose from.
    • Resistant to stains.
    • NSF/ANSI Standard 51 Certified for food and Class I(A) for fire.
    • Dramatic veining and designs to capture your imagination.
    • Resistant to scratches.
    • Resistant to heat.
    • Easy to clean. When you keep the surface cleaned properly, mildew, mold and bacteria won't grow.
    • GREENGUARD Certified to be a low VOC emitting material.
    • The new colors in the Terra Collection contain 35% post-consumer recycled material.

Zodiaq Photo Gallery


We know you have questions about Zodiaq quartz surfaces, which is why we answered some of the most frequently asked questions for you to read through. However, if you are unable to find the answers to your questions, then you can contact us by clicking here.

  1. What exactly are Zodiaq quartz countertops?
  2. What are your sheet sizes, thicknesses and color options?
  3. Can Zodiaq be used in food preparation areas?
  4. What types of design capabilities do you offer for your quartz surfaces?
  5. What type of maintenance and care instructions do I need to follow?
  6. How well does Zodiaq withstand stains, scratches and heat?
  7. Can Zodiaq and Corian be used together?
  8. How do I order samples of Zodiaq quartz?

What exactly are Zodiaq quartz countertops?

Zodiaq quartz countertops combine both science and the beauty of natural quartz together to create new designs and colors. Since Zodiaq countertops are composed of 93% quartz, the quartz crystals combine both exceptional clarity with unique light play to create a variety of stunning colors. Quartz is also known as one of the hardest materials found in nature.

What are your sheet sizes, thicknesses and color options?

We have over 30 colors you can choose from when you choose us to install your countertops. Colors range from Space Black to Cloud White.

3/4" (2cm) Slab - 52" w X 118"
3/4" (2cm) Slab - 55" w X 120"
3/4" (2cm) Slab - 63" w X 120"
1-1/8" (3cm) Slab - 52" w X 118"
1-1/8" (3cm) Slab - 55" w X 120"
1-1/8" (3cm) Slab - 63" w X 120"
*Slab sizes vary depending on color
Thicknesses: Available in 3/4" (2cm) and 1-1/8" (3cm).

Can Zodiaq be used in food preparation areas?

Yes. Zodiaq countertops are nonporous and can be used in the kitchen or any other place food is prepared.

What types of design capabilities do you offer for your quartz surfaces?

We can install Zodiaq quartz as a countertop or as a wall. We offer a variety of edge profiles you can choose from. Since quartz rated a 7 out of 10 on the hardness scale, we use special diamond cutting tools when we fabricate your countertops or walls for your home.

What type of maintenance and care instructions do I need to follow?

Zodiaq quartz surfaces are easy to maintain since they are chemical resistant and nonporous. You don't need to apply any waxes or sealants for your countertops to retain their luster and smooth surface. You can use a damp cloth or paper towel for routine cleaning, or if needed, a small amount of a nonabrasive, non-bleach cleanser can be used.

Click here for Zodiaq Care & Maintenance.

How well does Zodiaq withstand heat, scratches and stains?

Zodiaq quartz surfaces are resistant to stains, heat and scratches. However, it is still recommended you use hot pads or trivets. You should also use a cutting board when chopping or slicing, especially if you are using a serrated knife. Any spills should be wiped up immediately and you can use a non-bleach cleaning product on any dried up spills.

Can Zodiaq and Corian be used together?

Yes. We can install a Corian sink for you in your new Zodiaq countertop as an example. Each material can be set as an inlay into each other to create a bold design statement. Just like you can combine stainless steel, chrome, brass, or glass, you can combine Corian and Zodiaq.

How do I order samples of Zodiaq quartz?

You can send us a request by filling out our online contact request form.

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